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Welcome to the
Christian Science Reading Room

Seek spiritual answers to your deeper questions. Learn more about your relationship with God. Find out how Christian Science heals, comforts and blesses.

Our NYC librarians are currently available to answer questions on Christian Science, introduce you to the Christian Science Bible Lesson and help you find uplifting reference material by calling or emailing us.  Articles on healing through Christian Science can be emailed and sales material shipped directly to your home. 

We look forward to welcoming back into our storefront when the New York Pause is over.  The Reading Room is your quiet place to pray and study.


A combination bookstore and library, the reading room has Bibles, Science and Health with Key to the

Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science periodicals, pamphlets, CDs and The Christian Science

Monitor that may be studied, borrowed or purchased.

The Reading Room


A quiet room, where radiant light

Unveils the Christ in consciousness

To those who need the healing might

Of gentle Love that lives to bless.

Impatience, trifles, lose their power;

Confusion cannot enter here.

Thought opens softly as a flower—

Each seeker learns that God is near.

A welcoming simplicity

Refreshes all who stop to read.

Truth knows no partiality,

But gives strength equal to the need.

(From the May 31, 1947 issue

of the Christian Science Sentinel)

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