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The Reading Room is supported by the local Christian Science branch churches in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey within 50 miles of New York City as well as individual donors.

The following paragraph is excerpted from the “Christian Science Reading Room Tri-State Committee, Inc. THE FIRST 100 YEARS” published October 2003:

“The first 100 years of New York City’s jointly maintained Christian Science Reading Rooms spanned one of the most tumultuous periods in human history.  These Rooms helped bring to humanity a greater understanding of God’s omnipotence and healing power in an era of two World Wars, several smaller wars, and the downfall of godless fascism and communism.  The Reading Room is now doing its part in the worldwide struggle against international terrorism.  It is fulfilling the spiritual insight of Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, that a joint Reading Room was needed in New York City.”  (To read more of this history please visit our Reading Room) 

The Reading Room has operated continuously in 10 locations over the last 110 years:

1909: 206 Broadway at Fulton Street

1922: 115 Broadway between Cedar and Thames Streets

1925: 165 Broadway at Liberty Street 

1932: 74 Trinity Place 

1939: 55 Liberty Place

1979: 5 World Trade Center

2002: 11 John Street

2003: 13 John Street

2006: 130 Church Street

2017: 9 John Street

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